May 26, 2018  
2018-2019 SLCC General Catalog 
2018-2019 SLCC General Catalog

Fitness Technician AAS: Full-time

Plan of Study 2018-2019

The following is a plan of requirements to complete this Associate of Applied Science degree in 2 years. Each student’s experience will vary slightly, as this plan does not include transfer work, Advanced Placement (AP), or other institutions’ concurrent enrollment credits. Math and English placement will be based on the student’s Accuplacer/ACT/SAT scores. If developmental courses are required, they should be taken in the student’s first semester.

NOTE: This plan assumes the student is prepared to take the courses listed. If prerequisites are required, additional semesters may be required to complete this degree.

Meet with the Academic Program Advisor and consult DegreeWorks for specific degree requirements.

First Year

Fall Semester (16 credits)   Spring Semester (17 credits)
ENGL 1010 Intro to Writing (EN)   3 cr COMM 1010 Elements of Effective Communication (CM)   3 cr
BIOL 1090 Human Biology (LS)   3 cr HLAC 1062 Flexibility for Fitness (LW)   1 cr
HLTH 1020 Scientific Foundations of Human Nutrition (LS)    3 cr HLTH 2021 Nutrition for Fitness & Sports     3 cr
HLTH 1200 First Aid and Safety   3 cr HLTH 2100 Fitness Motiv./Behav Response   3 cr
HLAC 2105 Principles of Cardiorespiratory Training (LW)    1 cr HLTH 2200 Kinesiology   3 cr
HLAC 2110 Principles of Strength Training   1 cr Elective   1 cr
Elective   1 cr HLTH Elective   3 cr
Elective   1 cr    
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Second Year

Fall Semester (17 credits)   Spring Semester (15 credits)
FIN 1380 Financial Mathematics (QS)   3 cr MKTG 1960 Professionalism in Bus. (HR)   3 cr
HLTH 1500 Lifetime Wellness/Fitness       3 cr HLTH 2400 Exercise & Special Populations     2 cr
HLTH 2250 Exercise Physiology   3 cr HLTH 2430 Designing Training Programs   3 cr
HLTH 2425 Evaluation and Assessment of Fitness   3 cr HLTH 2450 Personal Trainer Internship   3 cr
HLTH 2435 Personal Fitness Trainer Industry   3 cr Elective   1 cr
HLTH 2415 Functional Performance   2 cr Distribution Areas   3 cr
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Advising Notes

  • An internship of 120 hours is required to complete the degree.
  • Students of the Fitness Technician Program who choose to pursue national certifications must independently pay for, and successfully sit for, those exams.
  • BIOL 1090, HLTH 1500 cannont be used for General Education Distribution credit.
  • During the HLTH 2430 (Designing Training Programs) course, students have the opportunity to take the ACSM as their mid-term.
  • Students will demonstrate a high degree of readiness to pass an exam with the following national certifying organizations including (but not limited to):
  • American College of Sports Medicine-Certified Personal Trainers (ACSM-CPT)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • American Council on Exercise Group Fitness Instructor (ACE)