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SLCC Catalog

    Salt Lake Community College
  Jan 22, 2018
2015-2016 SLCC General Catalog [**** ATTENTION: YOU ARE VIEWING AN ARCHIVED CATALOG **** ]

Associate of Science (AS) / Associate of Arts (AA) Degree General Education Requirements

AS and AA degrees require a minimum of 34 credit hours of general education requirements as outlined below. Unless specified by program, individual courses can meet multiple degree requirements. The AA degree also requires successful completion of any language course at the 1020 level or higher as part of the 27 credits beyond general education (see Language and Culture program entry in the catalog for details). Students must complete a minimum of 61 credits, including the general education requirements, to graduate with an AS or AA degree.

Note: Some academic programs may recommend different courses for the general education requirements than those listed below. General education recommendations are not requirements, but faculty have decided that such recommendations may aid the student in the future, especially when transferring. See academic programs listed alphabetically in the program descriptions section of this catalog.

Core Skills-


Students whose test scores places them into ENGL 2010  still need to complete two English Writing courses (6 credits) to satisfy the Composition (EN) Core Skills general education requirement. In addition to ENGL 2010 , choose from one of the following: ENGL 1010 , ENGL 2100 , ENGL 2250 , BUS 2200 , or take the English CLEP exam (contact SLCC Testing Center).


NOTE: In selecting a QL course to fulfill general education requirements for an AS or AA, students must consult their academic program and the institution to which they intend to transfer. Math requirements may vary at four-year institutions.


NOTE: When both HIST 2700  & HIST 2710  are used to meet American Institutions requirement, individual courses will not meet the Social Science Distribution area requirement.

Institutional Requirements-

Lifelong Wellness (LW): 1 Credit

  • Any course designated in its title as (LW) - includes most HLAC courses, some DANC courses, and HLTH 1240 .

Student Choice (IN or DEPTH) 3 Credits

Distribution Areas: 18-21 Credits

Students must take one course (3 -4 credits) from each of the following six distribution areas. One of the six courses must also be a Diversity course (DV).

Life Sciences (LS)   3-4
Fine Arts (FA)   3-4
Humanities (HU)   3
Interdisciplinary (ID)   3
Physical Science (PS)    3
Social Science (SS)   3


Some courses may be cross-listed between distribution areas, but each may only count as fulfilling one distribution area. See individual program descriptions for possible program-specific recommendations for course selection in these distribution areas.