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2019-2020 SLCC General Catalog 

Fashion Design & Merchandising: Fashion Design Emphasis: AAS (CTE)

Associate of Applied Science | 67 credits minimum

Visual Art & Design Division
Library Square Campus
General Information
Program Information 801-957-2000
Program Website
Academic and Career Advising

Program Faculty
Program Manager - Mojdeh Sakaki
Program Faculty - Maria Skelton

Program Description
Fashion Designers are involved in all phases of the apparel design process, using creativity and inspiration to oversee their raw ideas from sketches to samples and finally finished products. This program allows students to develop their personal aesthetic through experiential learning and acquire the technical skills necessary to transform two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional garments.

Students will acquire skills specific to the area of Fashion Design including pattern making, draping, and sample making. Students electing to pursue an AAS degree in Fashion Design prepare for entry level work in a wide range of careers including but not limited to fashion designer, costume designer, and bridal wear designer.

Career Opportunities
Opportunities in the field of Fashion Design are broad and diverse. They include, but are not limited to:

• Accessory Designer
• Apparel Fashion Designer
• Bridal Wear Designer
• Clothing Designer
• Costume Designer
• Custom Clothing Designer
• Dance Costume Designer
• Design Director
• Evening Wear
• Fashion Designer
• Historic Clothing and Costume
• Intimate Apparel
• Knitwear Designer
• Outerwear Products Designer
• Product Developer
• Swimwear Designer
• Wedding Dress Designer

Transfer/Articulation Information
This degree is designed for students to directly enter the workforce. The degree does not transfer, but courses do. Students intending to transfer should contact the Program Manager, Faculty, or Programs Advisors.

Estimated Cost for Students
Tuition and student fees: http://www.slcc.edu/student/financial/tuition-fees.aspx
Books: $700 - $1,000
Supplies: $800 (min.)
Course Fees: $200 - $250

Estimated Time to Completion
Time to completion is 4 semesters based on a full-time minimum of 15 credits per semester. Less than 15 credits per semester will increase time to completion.

Program Student Learning Outcomes Related College-Wide Student Learning Outcomes
  1 - Acquire substantive knowledge
2 - Communicate effectively
3 - Develop quantitative literacies
4 - Think critically and creatively
5 - Develop knowledge and skills to be civically engaged
6 - Develop the knowledge and skills to work with others in a professional and constructive manner
7 - Develop computer and information literacy

Demonstrate creative self-expression and artistic ability through conceptual development of fashion products, from initial concept through pattern drafting and final construction, culminating in a capstone project consisting of the creation of a 10-look fashion collection presented in the SLCC Fashion Institute Senior Show.

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7

Demonstrate competency and skill in all stages of the apparel design process: including research, concept, design, sample and production.

1, 3, 4, 6, 7

Demonstrate the ability to apply acquired knowledge of costume history to apparel design, development, and construction.

1, 2, 4, 5, 7

Demonstrate the ability to use domestic and industrial sewing equipment along with various sewing methods and techniques to construct a variety of professionally finished garments.

1, 3, 4

Demonstrate the ability to distinguish, source and select appropriate fabrics and notions suitable for specific garment design, based on the properties of different fabric types and the impact these properties have on fabric hand, construction, pressing, finishing, hang and fit.

1, 3, 4, 6, 7

Demonstrate an understanding of the elements and principles of design and the ability to analyze and correctly use them in all phases of the design process.

1, 2, 4, 7

Demonstrate professional communication and presentation skills, in communicating visual, verbal ideas and concepts, employing the industry standard vocabulary and terminology.

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7

Demonstrate the ability to work both independently and as a member of a diverse team, exhibiting effective decision making and the ability to resolve conflicts while maintaining mutual cooperation and respect for others.

1, 2, 4, 6

Demonstrate competency in apparel design and development through the creation of a fashion design portfolio and self-promotional tools, in order to effectively market themselves in the industry.

1, 2, 4, 6, 7

General Education Requirements

Core Skills

Composition (EN) 1 course

Quantitative Studies (QS) 1 course

Communication (CM) 1 course

Human Relations (HR) 1 course

Distribution Areas

Choose 1 course from the Distribution Areas

Elective Courses (9 credits)

Select a minimum of nine (9) credits from the following. It is advised to meet with the Fashion Design academic advisor, program manager or faculty for guidance as to the best selection for the student’s career pathway and/or transfer goals.

Advising Notes

Students should select courses based on their interest or focus of study, and are required to complete 67 (min.) credits to receive their degree. Consult with the Program manager, faculty, or an advisor with questions regarding various potential pathways.

Students who need to take preparatory classes to meet the requirements of first semester courses should plan on extra time to complete the program. It is the student’s responsibility to examine each course description for details of prerequisite classes. Those prerequisites must be satisfied before courses may be taken.

For information on clubs or organizations within the Fashion Institute, contact the SLCC Fashion Club advisor.

Additional Program Notes: For information about Student Resources such as Academic Links, Learning/Tutoring, Financial Information, General Resources, Services for Students, Student Life, Health & Recreation, Campus Life and other important information (Disclosures, Student Code of Conduct, Policies/Procedures, and Student Records, etc.) visit: https://www.slcc.edu/student/