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2018-2019 SLCC General Catalog 

Social Work: AA

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Associate of Arts | 64 credits minimum

Education, Family & Human Studies, Social Work, and Learning Enhancement Division
Taylorsville Redwood Campus
AAB 165
General Information 801-957-4073
Program Information 801-957-5035
Program Website
Academic and Career Advising
Academic Advisor AAB 237A, 801-957-4294

Associate Dean
Dale Smith

Program Faculty
Assitant Professor - Sean Zachary Bullock

Program Description
Social Work students learn to provide professional services for emotionally, economically or socially disadvantaged persons.

This introductory level program will acquaint students to the multi-faceted, multi-skilled Social Work profession. Students learn issues in the provision of services to emotionally, economically, mentally or socially disadvantaged persons. The program also requires internships where the student will learn to apply and further understand theoretical frameworks discussed in class.

Transfer/Articulation Information
Due to the numerous possibilities, it is suggested that students consult the Social Work Academic Advisor for information on how the higher education institutions accept credits for a given class. For specific information, contact the institution in which the transfer of credit is desired AND the Social Work Academic Advisor. Each transfer school has their own set of specific pre-requisites. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they are meeting the pre-requisites for their desired transfer institution and program.

ANTH 1010 , BIOL 1090 , PSY 1010 , SOC 1010 , SW 1010 , SW 2100 .

POLS 1100 , PSY 1010 , SOC 1010 , SW 1010 , SW 2100 . Community service is highly valued by the admissions committee at this institution.

ANTH 1010 , BIOL 1010 , FHS 1500 , MATH 1040 , PSY 1010 , SOC 1010 , SW 1010 , SW 2100 . SW 1010  must be completed with a C+ or better; all other classes with a C or better.

ENGL 1010  & ENGL 2010  with a C+ or better. MATH 1040  , PSY 1010  , SW 1010  with a B- or better. Community service is highly valued by the admissions committee at this institution.

Admission into a major program at a transfer institution depends upon the receiving institution’s requirements for that major. Some major programs are restricted and require special application, volunteer and/or paid experience in the community as well as a competitive GPA. See the Social Work Academic Advisor or full-time faculty member at SLCC or the advisor at the intended receiving institution for specifics regarding application processes to Bachelors level education.

Estimated Cost for Students
Tuition and student fees:

Estimated Time to Completion
If students follow the suggested semester schedule, time to completion is four semesters.

Program Student Learning Outcomes Related College-Wide Student Learning Outcomes
  1 - Acquire substantive knowledge
2 - Communicate effectively
3 - Develop quantitative literacies
4 - Think critically & creatively
5 - Become a community engaged learner
6 - Work in professional & constructive manner
7 - Develop computer & information literacy

Acquire substantive knowledge of fundamental concepts in specific fields of social work such as Human Behavior, Social Welfare Policy, Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Group Therapy and Ethics.

Be prepared for further study in social work or a related discipline at a four-year college or university.

Effectively communicate orally and in writing about case-related issues specific to the social work field. 2
Use and interpret information represented as data, graphs, and tables to analyze and understand human behavior in individuals, groups, families, organizations , communities, globally and /or other topics in social work. 3
Demonstrate orally and in writing understanding of key aspects of critical thinking such as reasoning, problem-solving, strengths identification and case-related issues specific to the social work field. 4
Develop and demonstrate in class, writing assignments and an internship the knowledge, ethical practice and skills to be civically engaged and to participate within society. 5

General Education Requirements

Core Skills

American Institutions (AI) 1 course

Institutional Requirements

Communication (CM) 1 course

International & Global (IG) 1 course

Lifelong Wellness (LW) 1 course

Distribution Areas

Select 1 course from each of the Distribution Areas, 5 total courses; 1 course must also be designated as a Diversity (DV)

*NOTE: PSY 1010  is recommended for the Social Science (SS)  Distribution requirement as it is a requirement for most transfer institution’s SW programs. BIOL 1010 /BIOL 1015  is required for USU. BIOL 1090  is required for Weber.

Language (LN) 1 course

Graduation Map

Advising Notes

SW 2750  and SW 2940  can be taken concurrently, however placement will not occur until SW 2750  is close to completion. See Social Work Academic Advisor or Social Work Faculty for more details.

It is the student’s responsibility to examine each course description for details of prerequisite classes. Those prerequisites must be satisfied before the designated class may be taken. It is important that all students take PSY 1010  and SOC 1010  early in the program.

Additional Program Notes

Students should check the semester class schedule for day/evening availability and modifications caused by varying enrollment

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