Sep 22, 2018  
2017-2018 SLCC General Catalog 
2017-2018 SLCC General Catalog [**** ATTENTION: YOU ARE VIEWING AN ARCHIVED CATALOG **** ]

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KCUL 0162 - Baking Science/Healthful/Special-Needs Baking

Contact Hours: 135
Industry troubleshooting requires competent observation of multiple reactions between ingredients, changes in ingredients and/or processes, the effects of heat transfer and the influence of technique. Instead of simply following a recipe this is an applied examination of the discipline of baking, how each of the major ingredient groups, including sweeteners, fats, milk and leavening agents, affect finished baked goods. Equivalent expertise involves applications for using whole grains, decreasing salt, sugar, and fat, and developing gluten-free, milk-free, and egg-free products for consumers with allergies or health concerns.

Prerequisite: KCUL 0161  
Semester: All
Additional Course Fee Required

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