Sep 29, 2020  
2019-2020 SLCC General Catalog 

Architecture AS: Full-time

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Plan of Study 2019-2020

The following is a plan of requirements to complete this Associate of Science degree in 2 years. Each student’s experience will vary slightly, as this plan does not include transfer work, Advanced Placement (AP), or other institutions’ concurrent enrollment credits. Math and English placement will be based on the student’s appropriate placement scores. If developmental courses are required, they should be taken in the student’s first semester.

NOTE: This plan assumes the student is prepared to take the courses listed. If prerequisites are required, additional semesters may be required to complete this degree.

Meet with the Academic Program Advisor and consult DegreeWorks for specific degree requirements.

First Year

 Fall Semester (15 credits)   Spring Semester (15 credits)
☐ ARCH 1010 Intro. to Design Professions  -  3 credits       ☐ ARCH 1510 Architectural Design Workshop  -  3 credits    
ARCH 1130 Basic Drawing  -  3 credits     ☐ ARCH 2350 Advanced Architectural CAD  -  3 credits    
☐ ARCH 1350 Computer Graphics  -  3 credits     General Education Course - 3 credits   
General Education Course - 3 credits      General Education Course - 3 credits   
General Education Course - 3 credits     General Education Course - 3 credits    
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Second Year

Fall Semester (16 credits)   Spring Semester (16 credits)
ARCH 2310 Modeling/Rendering/Animation I  -  3 credits       ARCH 2620 Design Workshop III  -  3 credits   
☐ ARCH 2610 Design Workshop II  -  3 credits     ☐ PHYS 2010 College Physics I  -  4 credits    
☐ MATH 1210 Calculus I (QL)  -  4 credits     General Education Course - 3 credits   
General Education Course - 3 credits    General Education Course - 3 credits   
☐ Lifelong Wellness (LW) - 1 credit     General Education Course - 3 credits   
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Advising Notes

  • It is the student’s responsibility to examine each course description for details of prerequisite classes. Those prerequisites must be satisfied before the designated class may be taken.
  • As the College of Architecture + Planning at the University of Utah makes changes to their program, SLCC will update its. It is important for students to see the Department Coordinator for the most current transfer information.
  • Students who need to take preparatory classes to meet the requirements of first semester courses should plan extra time to complete a degree. A high school curriculum heavily weighted in mathematics, science, and communication skills is highly recommended. Placement testing will be done upon entry to the College unless the student has prior college-level credit. The semester in which the courses are taught are listed above. Please note that because of the nature of the program, classes are sequential and not offered every semester.  Students should check department web page for updates and cancellations due to varying enrollments.