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2016-2017 SLCC General Catalog 
2016-2017 SLCC General Catalog [**** ATTENTION: YOU ARE VIEWING AN ARCHIVED CATALOG **** ]

Mobile Application Development: CP (CTE)

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Certificate of Proficiency | 16 credits minimum

Computer Sciences and Information Systems Division
Taylorsville Redwood Campus
BB 112, (801) 957-5150
General Information (801) 957-4073
Program Website
Academic and Career Advising
CSIS Academic Advisor BB 132A, (801) 957-4273

Program Faculty
Professors − Jimmy Chen, Gordon Frisbey, Susumu Kasai, Randy Koziatek, Lorna Wells, Bruce Worthen
See www.slcc.edu/csis/http://www.slcc.edu/csis/

Program Description
Developing software for mobile devices such as the iPhone, Droid, and iPad requires a unique set of skills. This Certificate of Proficiency includes courses to teach students these skills. The student entering this program must have programming experience in an object oriented language such as Java, C++, C#, or Objective C. This experience should be equivalent to CSIS 1410 .

Career Opportunities
There is a great demand for mobile application developers in business and industry. In general, these skills must be accompanied by additional skills and competencies. Career titles include: App Developer, Computer Software
Engineer - Applications.

NOTE: This Certificate of Proficiency is eligible for financial aid if it is a part of a financial aid eligible program such as an AS or AAS degree. Courses within the certificate may also be eligible if taken as part of a financial aid eligible program. Please check with the Financial Aid Office to determine if the Certificate of Proficiency and classes are eligible.

Program Student Learning Outcomes Related College-Wide Student Learning Outcomes
  1 - Acquire substantive knowledge
2 - Communicate effectively
3 - Develop quantitative literacies
4 - Think critically & creatively
5 - Become a community engaged learner
6 - Work in professional & constructive manner
7 - Develop computer & information literacy
From a set of requirements: analyze, design, code, test and document programs to meet requirements. 1 - Substantive Knowledge
Create a functional user interface that is easy to navigate. 1 - Substantive Knowledge
Design database solutions for business problems. 1 - Substantive Knowledge
Analyze a set of requirements for software solutions. 4 - Think Critically
Recognize the ethical considerations of utilizing technology in business. 5 - Civic Engagement and/or Working Professionally


Elective Credit

For elective credit, a student may choose any course in the CSIS Department, or any course from any department in the School of Business or the Visual Art and Design Department.

Sample Schedule

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