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2022-2023 SLCC General Catalog 
2022-2023 SLCC General Catalog

Visual Art & Design - Illustration Emphasis: AAS (CTE)

Associate of Applied Science | 65 credits minimum

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Academic and Career Advising

Program Description
Students with an aptitude in creative problem solving, drawing, design, photography and/or computer related visual communication should consider this rapidly expanding and competitive field. The Visual Art & Design Department allows students to specialize in the following areas: Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Multimedia, Photography, Web Design, and Graphic Communications Technologies.

Students who elect to pursue an AAS Degree in Illustration will prepare themselves for entry level work for traditional and computer illustration. Students who are preparing for this area of specialization should acquire a high level of drawing skill.

Career Opportunities
Students can develop a diverse portfolio of original imagery created in various traditional and digital media so students can compete for assignments and staff positions in editorial illustration (including book illustration), advertising illustration, web illustration, and the digital game development industry. Students should understand that it generally takes between 3-5 years to hone a personal, recognizable illustration style and to establish a viable illustration practice.

Transfer/Articulation Information
This AAS Degree is currently not transferable to four year institutions; however, some of the General Education components are transferable. The Visual Art & Design Department is committed to general and pre- professional programs and some credit may be granted by receiving institutions on a per case basis. Students desiring to transfer to a four-year institution in Illustration should contact the Associate Dean’s Office - Division of Visual Art & Design..

Estimated Cost for Students
Tuition and student fees:
Course fees: $305
Supplies: $1000

Note: Fees vary based upon specific registration and are subject to changes.

Program Entry Requirements
Required: High School Diploma or equivalent.
Recommended: Artistic and technical aptitude, familiarity with traditional drawing, computers, and Photoshop.

General Education Requirements

Complete all General Education courses. Refer to Notes for program specific requirements and recommendations.


Program General Education Notes


Quantitative Studies (QS): ART 1210

Human Relations (HR): ART 1150

Fine Arts (FA): ART 1010

Program Requirements

Time to Completion & Graduation Map

Program Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcome alignment with Student Learning Outcomes  in brackets.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles and elements of design, visual and conceptual theories and processes of composition for design, and use of critical and symbolic thinking to communicate visually. [1,2,4,5,7]
  • Demonstrate proficiency in drawing within a studio (real life) setting and situation, controlling traditional illustration wet and dry media, handling and applying digital illustration applications and programs, and employing photography for illustrative ends. [1,2,3,4,5,8,9]
  • Demonstrate proficiency in representational drawing capabilities, stylistic or interpretive drawing pursuits (cartoons/caricatures), and human or figurative drawing, from life, printed reference and mental imagery. [1,3,5,7]
  • Demonstrate a comprehension of, and tangible evidence of, commercial art as a career pursuit, in creating a personal work presentation (portfolio), attending guest artist lectures, workshops and presentations by visiting galleries, through researching business requirements and practices, and through civic engagement students can accomplish a diverse portfolio that reflects cultural, promotional, and service goals. [1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9]