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2022-2023 SLCC General Catalog 
2022-2023 SLCC General Catalog

Visual Art & Design - Animation: AS

Associate of Science | 63 credits minimum

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Academic and Career Advising

Program Description
Students with an aptitude in creative problem solving, drawing, design, photography and/or computer related visual communication should consider this rapidly expanding and competitive field. The Visual Art & Design Department allows students to specialize in the following areas: Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Multimedia, Photography, Web Design, and Graphic Communications Technologies.

Students who elect to pursue an AS Degree in Animation will prepare themselves to successfully transfer to an institution offering a four year Animation Degree. Students will work to develop foundation drawing and design skills, apply animation principles in time based visualizations, and illustrate a working knowledge of quality visual storytelling.

Career Opportunities
Animation artists find varied careers in the creation of digital 2D and 3D art and animation in the video game, film, broadcast, visual effects, mobile, and internet industries.

Transfer/Articulation Information
This Associate of Science (AS) degree meets the requirements to satisfy the lower division general education requirements for a baccalaureate degree at all Utah public institutions of higher education. Admission into a major program at a transfer institution depends upon the receiving institution’s requirements for that major. Some major programs are restricted and require special application as well as a competitive GPA. See an Academic Advisor at both SLCC and the intended receiving institution for specific articulation information.

Estimated Cost for Students
Tuition and student fees: http://www.slcc.edu/student/financial/tuition-fees.aspx         
Course fee: $165
Other: $500

Note: Fees vary based upon specific registration and are subject to changes.

Program Entry Requirements
Required: High School Diploma or equivalent.
Recommended: Artistic and technical aptitude, familiarity with traditional drawing, computers, and Photoshop.

General Education Requirements

Complete all General Education courses. Refer to Notes for program specific requirements and recommendations.


Program General Education Notes


Distribution Areas: FLM 1023 (FA)
                                  FLM 1070 (FA,DV)
                                  PHYS 1010 (PS)
                                  ART 1020 (FA)

Program Requirements

Time to Completion & Graduation Map

  • Animation AS: Full-time  
  • Assuming a fall start, if students follow Recommended Sequence, completion time is four semesters. If students choose to add two additional summer semesters devoted to general education classes it can lighten the Fall and Spring semester loads and still be completed in two years.

Additional Program Notes

Not all Visual Art and Design (ART) classes may be audited. This is especially true for any Visual Art and Design class that has a prerequisite (see course catalog for list of prerequisite classes). Auditing a prerequisite course does not guarantee that the student has mastered the required skills needed for the next level class. Some Visual Art and Design classes that have a prerequisite may be audited if the student can demonstrate an appropriate skill level to the instructor before registering for the class. Students wishing to audit any Visual Art and Design (ART) class without officially completing a prerequisite class (with a ‘C’ grade or better) must obtain signed permission from the instructor or email authorization before registering for the class. Visual Art and Design (ART) classes that do not have a prerequisite may be audited as per the Auditing Classes guidelines listed in the SLCC catalog.

All students enrolled in the Visual Art & Design program automatically become members of SkillsUSA, sponsor of the Professional Development Program (PDP). This program is designed to promote leadership, communication, problem solving and skills necessary for employment. Students are encouraged to participate in competitions in their area of specialization.

Program Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcome alignment with Student Learning Outcomes  in brackets.

  • Demonstrate a competent application of foundation drawing and design skills. [1,2,4,5,8,9]
  • Demonstrate a competent application of animation principles in a time based visualization. [1,2,3,4,5,8,9]
  • Illustrate a working knowledge of quality visual storytelling. [1,2,5]
  • Engage in collaborative production development practices and interdisciplinary experiences. [1,2,4,5,7,8,9]