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2022-2023 SLCC General Catalog 
2022-2023 SLCC General Catalog

Sustainable Building Construction: CC (CTE)

Certificate of Completion | 36 credits minimum

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Academic and Career Advising

Program Description
This program is dedicated to teaching light commercial and residential sustainable construction methods that address the green building & energy conservation demands of today. It is designed to provide students with a practical hands-on experience in the areas of building construction and interior finishes. It is designed to be a building block toward the Construction Management & Sustainable Building AAS degree.

Career Opportunities
Various entry level positions within a construction company with potential for rapid promotion.

Estimated Cost for Students
Tuition and student fees:
Course Fees: $50.00

NOTE: Fees may vary based upon specific registration and are subject to change.

General Education Requirements

Certificates of Completion contain instructional components in communication, computation, and human relations.

Program General Education Notes


Communication: any approved Communication (CM)  course or any approved Composition (EN)  course.

Computation: any approved Quantitative Studies (QS)  course.

Human Relations: any approved Human Relations (HR)  course.

Program Requirements

Time to Completion & Graduation Map

Program Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcome alignment with Student Learning Outcomes  in brackets.

  • Discover construction technology that will enhance the ability to successfully compete in today’s marketplace in the construction management industry. [1,7,8]
  • Identify sustainable building practices required by clients, architects, engineers and local and national building codes and standards. [1,2,4,5,7]
  • Provide continuing educational opportunities for currently working students who desire a degree for further job advancement. [1,4,7]
  • Interpret building plans and specifications. [1,4,5,7,8,9]