Dec 05, 2023  
2021-2022 SLCC General Catalog 

Cabinetmaking and Furniture Construction: CC (CTE)

Certificate of Completion | 33 credits minimum

Apprenticeship and Construction Related Technology Division
Taylorsville Redwood Campus
CT 274
General Information 801-957-4073
Program Information 801-957-4066
Program Website
Academic and Career Advising

Program Faculty
Professor - Chad Fail
Associate Professor - Boyd Johnson

Program Description
This certificate is designed to provide students with a solid base of knowledge and skills relative to the woodworking, furniture & cabinetmaking fields. It is an introduction to materials that promote the responsible use of natural resources and sustainability. Skills in traditional woodworking tools along with the safe operation of power equipment will be taught. Advanced instruction with sophisticated computer software and computer operated CNC equipment are included.

Transfer Information
For information regarding transfer options, please contact the SLCC Program Advisor in Academic and Career Advising.

Career Opportunities
Entry Level Woodworking & Cabinetmaking jobs with potential for rapid promotion.

Estimated Cost for Students
Tuition and student fees:
Estimated cost of $700 for student woodworking projects, $500 Books & Supplies and $100-300 Personal Tools & Equipment.

Estimated Time to Completion
If students follow the suggested sample schedule, time to completion is one year.

Program Student Learning Outcomes Related College-Wide Student Learning Outcomes
  1 - Acquire substantive knowledge
2 - Communicate effectively
3 - Develop quantitative literacies
4 - Think critically and creatively
5 - Develop knowledge and skills to be civically engaged
6 - Develop the knowledge and skills to work with others in a professional and constructive manner
7 - Develop computer and information literacy

Learn math skills related to the construction and cabinetmaking discipline

1, 3, 4

Gain a competent knowledge of joinery, materials, techniques, and wood characteristics.

1, 4, 5, 6

Learn kitchen and bath design principles and how to apply them using computer software.

1, 2, 4, 5, 7

Gain an introductory knowledge in the use of CNC technology and be able to successfully complete basic programs

1, 4, 5, 7

Learn the safe and proper use of hand and power tools.

1, 4, 5, 6

Learn principles of wood finishing including the use of green and sustainable wood finishes.

1, 4, 5

General Education Requirements

Advising Notes

It is highly recommended that each student meet with the Construction Management Program Advisor prior to starting this program. It is the students’ responsibility to understand the requirements for their chosen program of study and to examine each course description for details about the prerequisite classes. The Program Advisor may be reached in Academic and Career Advising. Students wishing to transfer may complete their General Education and receive an AS in Technical Transfer.


All students enrolled in the program are encouraged to participate in SkillsUSA. This program is designed to promote leadership, communication, social, and employable skills. For more information see