Jul 16, 2018  
2017-2018 SLCC General Catalog 
2017-2018 SLCC General Catalog [**** ATTENTION: YOU ARE VIEWING AN ARCHIVED CATALOG **** ]

Course Descriptions

Course Numbering Information:
Courses at SLCC are identified by an alphabetic prefix (two to four letters) followed by a four-digit number. Numbers beginning with a “1” generally indicate a course designed primarily for freshmen (such as ENGL 1010 ); numbers beginning with a “2” generally indicate courses designed primarily for sophomores (such as MATH 2010 ); numbers beginning with a “0” generally indicate preparatory courses that are non-transferable (such as WRTG 0990 ).




    COMM 1130 - Journalism & Media Writing

    Credits: 3
    This is a beginning course in journalism and media writing with a focus on the organization and written presentation of facts to a mass audience. The class emphasizes interviewing, fact finding and news writing, including investigative, specific beats, online reporting and media package production (for example hyperlinking, permalinking, photo galleries, and video clips). Members of the class contribute to the media outlets of the Student Media Center (SMC).

    Prerequisite: ENGL 1010  (may be taken concurrently)
    Semester: Fall & Spring
    Additional Course Fee Required

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