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2022-2023 SLCC General Catalog 

Electronics Engineering Technology AAS: Full-time (Control Engineering Technology)

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Plan of Study 2022-2023

The following is a plan of requirements to complete this Associate of Applied Science degree in 2 years. Each student’s experience will vary slightly, as this plan does not include transfer work, Advanced Placement (AP), or other institutions’ concurrent enrollment credits. Math and English placement will be based on the student’s appropriate placement scores. If developmental courses are required, they should be taken in the student’s first semester.

NOTE: This plan assumes the student is prepared to take the courses listed. If prerequisites are required, additional semesters may be required to complete this degree.

Meet with the Academic Program Advisor and consult DegreeWorks for specific degree requirements.

First Year

 Fall Semester (11 credits)   Spring Semester (10 credits)
☐ STEM 1010 Mathematics and Technology (QS)  -  3 credits     EET 1140 AC and DC Circuits  -  4 credits    
EET 1130 Digital Systems  -  4 credits     MFET 2410 Quality Concepts and Statistical Applications  -  3 credits    
EET 2150 Embedded Systems & Robotics  -  4 credits     Composition (EN) - 3 credits    
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Second Year

Fall Semester (11 credits)   Spring Semester (12 credits)
EET 2110 Semiconductor Circuits  -  4 credits     EET 2120 Power and Motors  -  4 credits    
EET 2170 Industrial Controls  -  4 credits     MFET 2450 Process Automation  -  3 credits    
ENGR 1050 Introduction to Nanotechnology (PS)  -  3 credits     Communication (CM) - 3 credits    
    Human Relations (HR) - 2 credits    
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Advising Notes

  • This pathway allows a student with an IAMT certificate from a UCAT institution to be granted 25 credit hours. The 44 hours described in this pathway can be stacked with the 25 credit hours from the IAMT certificate to enable a student to receive an AAS degree.